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Room 5; a tech demo
By Thingus(code) and i0003(assets, level design)

The idea we had behind this was to have a game where you interact entirely with a world viewed through CCTV cameras, using only a switchboard and PA system. Who's listening to the PA system and carrying out your instructions? Good question!

Unfortunately, real life got in the way and we were only able to implement this basic demo. You can view the cameras using the switchboard (if you see static, experiment some), and one room brings up an interaction menu (but the interaction doesn't work). I spent too long trying to do the puzzle system 'right', and wound up with no puzzles at all :-( However, we do intend to carry on development of this, at least until our UnityPro trial expires and we can't use the RenderTextures anymore; watch this space for further updates.